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Recent advances in Melanoma research helped prolong my grandfather's life

Please help me save more lives

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Hello! In 2015, my grandfather was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that spread to his liver. He was told he had 6 months to live. Miraculously, he enrolled in a clinical immunotherapy trial that extended his life nearly five years. Recent developments in immunotherapy are now prolonging the lives of those with malignant melanoma. This wasn't the case five years ago.

I am running the 2019 TCS-NYC marathon to support further advances in melanoma research. Without private contributions, these recent breakthroughs wouldn't be possible. Someone else's donation extended my grandfather’s life. I really appreciate your support.

We lost my grandfather in late August, but his memory lives on. With your help, maybe we can eradicate this terrible disease for good. He would have been so proud of our efforts. Thank you for helping me honor his memory.

Your friend, Scott Barrett

100% of all donations to the Jack H Marston II Cancer Research Fund go directly to melanoma research and prevention. The Jack H Marston II Cancer Research Fund is a not for profit corporation.

Jack's Fund Vision Statement: "We envision a world where every adult and child is aware of the risks of melanoma and takes preventative measures; where those who suffer from melanoma receive comfort and healing; and ultimately, where every case of melanoma will be completely curable."